ENGAGE Moments are where life long memories are made. 

Our ENGAGE Moments are locally grown, hand-crafted ventures that activate the senses and enhance the human experience abroad. Each Moment serves as a gateway to the core of every pilgrimage—the journey. With every Active, Cultural, Contemplative, Community and Challenge Moment you will be called out of the ordinary and encounter new heights. Whether you're hiking up Croagh Patrick in Ireland, attending Mass in the Holy Sepulcher in Israel, or serving the poor in Rome, ENGAGE moments will give you priceless experiences that will last a lifetime!

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Whether you’re climbing to the top of a summit or bicycling through vast imperial parks, experience the world through an up-close, vivid lens. Activate the senses to draw you deeper into your new surroundings!

Cultural Moments

See, touch, hear, smell and taste the variety and flavors of each culture; igniting your imagination to a new world of inspiration. Immerse yourself in the culture and interact with the local community.

Contemplative Moments

Contemplate the beauty of each experience and activity in silence. Pray before the Blessed Sacrament or the tombs of your favorite Saints!

Community Moments

By walking this pilgrim road side-by-side, and giving of ourselves in service to others, recognize the strength of Christian solidarity and the fellowship of compassion. 

Challenge Moments

Truth is convicting. Truth cannot be contained. Be transformed and accept the challenge of being a living witness to the Truth.